Babeș-Bolyai University
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
13th  – 16th June 2018

There is no such event that disturbs the normal life of humankind like a war does. And, after centuries of testing resistance, after plenty of local or regional wars, the 19th and the 20th centuries witnessed the worst nightmare in the assault of human against human: the total war!

The conflagrations shook the foundations of contemporary mindsets through the large number of victims they caused and their manifold economic, political and demographic consequences. This explains why historians and demographers worldwide, from former combatant or neutral countries alike, have approached the subject of wars extensively, attempting to reconstruct their full implications for the population. In recent decades, scholars have focused on the cultural impact of the wars, seen as one of humanity’s fundamental experiences in the process of defining modern society, an experience that entailed the breakdown of barriers, the modification of traditions, the collapse of certainties and the dissolution of several great empires. Continue reding...

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